Creative Optimistic Visions - About

We're a Community Interest Company passionate about Protective Behaviours.

Protective Behaviours has been utilised to help people since the 1970s, and is a framework for personal safety consisting of 2 Themes 'we all have the right to feel safe all the time’ and ‘we can talk with someone about anything even if it is awful or small.

We aim to be well grounded and keep it real. What we do is practical. The difference we make is in real life. We speak out to be heard and inspire confidence, and like our name, we believe we can only change things if we’re imaginative and positive, working for brighter futures.

Our Story

We are a non-profit social enterprise, founded as a response to life experiences, including sexual and physical abuse and living in the care system. Our directors, like many, have a traumatic story to tell, however it is what we do with our story that counts.

From victim to victor, our story begins in 2012 where our founder Stacey – Jade Mason came up with an idea for educating young people about Protective Behaviours through the art of lyricism, as music was her only safe space for a long time. After many pilots, and support from organisations such as Coventry University, The Protective Behaviours Consortium, business mentor and friend Mr David Williamson, Stacey has built an enterprise that now delivers a range of award winning services supporting and training hundreds of individuals within professional and community settings using the Protective Behaviours Process.

Our journey begins from one simple project idea to award winning practices such as our Protective Behaviours Training and our Knowing Me Knowing You resource in partnership with KairosWWT. Our enterprise has grown from a single individual to a strong, committed board of directors and team made up of youth workers, mentors, coordinators and volunteers.

Creative Optimistic Visions has been successful in its growth through a range of business development programmes provided through UnLtd, we started with the 'Try It', allowing us to identify our business model and pilot our one service at the time (Urban Arts). Progressing to "Scale and Growth' providing us with the opportunity to set up our office base and increase services and delivery to finally being awarded a place on 'Big Venture Challenge.' This enabled through social investment, to take on an additional unit used for our alternative education and mentoring as well as growing the team.

We continue to grow, expanding our services, reaching out to more communities and individuals supporting them through alternative education, training and well being services. Our latest stage of growth is the launch of our Universal Youth Work provision, opening two youth clubs within Coventry.

Stacey - Jade Mason

Founding Director

Stacey-Jade Mason is an award-winning Protective Behaviours Trainer and the only endorsed trainer in Coventry and Warwickshire by the national Protective Behaviours Consortium.Stacey publicly speaks at many different events inspiring others from her story of surviving CSE and speaking honestly and openly about her journey. Her mission is to educate all about the Protective Behaviours process and how it can help to prevent and reduce victimisation and abuse, as well as supporting those that have survived.

  • Trainer of the year 2015 & 2017
  • WISE100 Women - Recognising 100 leading women in Social Enterprise

Amber Taroni

Learning Support

Amber has recently joined our team of protective behaviours practitioners, supporting our learners with our alternative education programmes. Amber has a range of skills to contribute to the team and young people including youth work practice, counselling and has expertise in sexual violence previously supporting those effected by sexual violence through a helpline service.

Karen Smith

Project Coordinator

Karen has recently joined our team as our Project Coordinator. Karen is responsible for coordinating quality assurance and ensuring that all individuals engaging with our services are provided with the support they need to ensure they get the most out of their interaction with Creative Optimistic Visions.

Natalie Mayers

Lead Mentor

Natalie is the newest member of our team, supporting staff and service users with their emotional wellbeing by providing one to one support and assisting with our alternative education provision. Natalie is working towards her Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and will lead our Protective Behaviours Mentoring service.


Awesome people

We take great pride in our hard-working dedicated volunteers. We are forever grateful for the time they pledge to support our organisation and the people who work with us. All of our volunteers are fully trained Protective Behaviours Practitioners supporting individuals with mentoring support and assisting the delivery of our twilight universal youth club provision.

The Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of dedicated women who give their time voluntarily to ensure that COV meets its goals. They are to ensure that the company strives to meet its social mission and to serve our community, service users and partners ensuring a quality and consistency throughout.

  • Wise 100 List - Leading Women in Social Enterprise
  • Women's Federation For World Peace Speech - Third Place


We are very proud of our partnerships, working together to create a safer, brighter future.

Creative Optimistic Visions values our partnerships with local, regional and national organisations. Building strong, reliable partnerships is the foundation to ensure the highest quality of service and support to other organisations and communities. Creative Optimistic Visions would like to thank our partners for their continuous support.