How to Record and Share the Impact of Your Social Enterprise

How to Record and Share the Impact of Your Social Enterprise


A short 1.5 hour interactive online training course, exploring ways in which you can capture your social impact to suit your organisations capacity enabling you to share the story you wish to tell.

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This is one of the most complex and vital parts of developing and sustaining a Social Enterprise. However, with the right design and tools for measuring social impact can streamline into your everyday business practice with ease.

How this course will help you:

This course will take you through the range of steps and techniques to measuring social impact and explain how they work and when to use them effectively. Exploring the who, how and what positive change your organisation makes to enable business growth and sustainability.

What the course will give you/covers:

The course will teach you about the different types of data collection, encouraging you to ask what matters most to your organisation with regards to sharing your impact journey for the purpose of company stakeholders.

Who is it for:

People in the strategic leadership role of a Social Enterprise, or developing funding bids and proposals. For anyone wanting to know more about how to record, present and share their social impact story.

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22nd April 2024, 10th June 2024, 22nd July 2024, 2nd September 2024, 14th October 2024


1pm – 2:30pm

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