Protective Behaviours Training

Endorsed and certified by AIM, and the Protective Behaviours Consortium, our award-winning Protective Behaviours Training upskills practitioners, ensuring they can better support those they work with.

What we do

We hear the word safe on a daily basis. How often are we asked, or do we ask, do you feel safe? Is there a difference between feeling safe and being safe? If you value the concept of feeling safe then we would like to invite you to work with us.

Our Protective Behaviours Foundation Level 2 Course brings people together to explore valuable skills to enable people to feel safe and to support them to achieve better outcomes for themselves and others when facing challenging situations.

As well as introducing participants to the process of Protective Behaviours, we also work with people to demonstrate how Protective Behaviours can be used to enhance working practice and life beyond the workplace. 


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Key Course Takeaways

Understand the themes, concepts, and strategies of Protective Behaviours.

Achieve an AIM Level 2 Protective Behaviours practitioners qualification.

Confidence of practicing the skills and strategies within your working role and life beyond the workplace.


strongly agreed the trainer demonstrated in depth knowledge of the subject (10% agreed)

Award winning training

With over 12 years of Protective Behaviours practice, we are proud that our course facilitator and our training content has only ever received positive feedback.



We’re proud of the work we do with our communities.

If you want to find out more, speak to our team and see how we can support you.

What previous participants have said

“While the content of the course will be available to me afterwards, I was impressed by the drive and commitment of the trainer and her will to succeed. When courses are delivered by someone of this nature it encourages individuals to want to make a difference in the future.”

“The balance between theory and creative activities was really engaging.”

“Understanding the concept of feeling safe and the difference between feeling safe and being safe and how we can communicate this with the young people we work with. The strategies were really relevant and helpful that I will definitely be implementing with my students.”


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