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Accredited Protective Behaviours Training, mentoring, education, youth and community services. Our simple strategies, bespoke experiences and training are designed to inspire, and influence positive change.

What we do

We provide alternative education, consultancy, accredited training, universal youth provision and wellbeing services through the lens of The Protective Behaviours Process with people of all ages. Creative Optimistic Visions is the leading provider for Protective Behaviours in Coventry and Warwickshire endorsed by Protective Behaviours Consortium, the national organisation for Protective Behaviours in the UK

Confident Me!

Equipping individuals with a skillset to increase their self-confidence and self-worth

Learn more about Confident Me!

Protective Behaviours Training Courses

Providing a range of Protective Behaviours courses, Bespoke Experiences, Twilight Sessions to AIM level 2 Accredited courses.

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Urban Arts

Using musical influences to inspire individuals’ learning, through lyrical writing, music production and the arts

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Mentoring Services

Small group and one-to-one Protective Behaviours mentoring

Learn more about Mentoring

Gingerbread project

Delivering a unique and extensive Protective Behaviour programme for pupils between 4-11 years in a Primary School setting

Learn more about Gingerbread Project

Keynote and Bespoke Experiences

We provide grounded, keynote and bespoke experiences with lived experiences and expertise  

Learn more about keynote and bespoke experiences

Participant feedback…

“Stacey was an amazing trainer. Her tone, her delivery, she was brilliant and she made the training feel relevant, informative and created a fantastic space for discussion and learning to take place.

Stacey was extremely patient and clear with her delivery. Anything the group weren’t sure on she would re-visit and explain in different ways. I felt that she made everyone feel comfortable to share their thoughts and views. The balance between theory and creative activities was really engaging.” (Protective Behaviours Training)

“I genuinely feel that I have learnt so much that will improve my life in a positive way. I am already dealing with situations in a different way with better outcomes. Thank you ☺” (Confident Me!)

“Its been a pleasure meeting you, you really have given me the desire to live life again and believe in myself. Thank you so very much.” (Urban Arts project)

“I have learnt about the root causes and effects of domestic violence, this helps me to better understand the problem. I have gained knowledge about the facts, statistics and reality of domestic violence. As well as, how often it happens. Moving forward I want to work in the police so I feel this course has provided me with a better understanding of DV and coercive control, which is something I did not know anything about before this project. I have also learnt about coercive control and how much of a problem it can be within some “relationships” and that in some cases it can lead to prosecution. Learning about this helps me to be able to recognise the signs and signals in my own relationships and in other peoples.” (Young Person, Coercive Control & Domestic Abuse Community Project)

Don’t see what you need? We specialise in delivering safeguarding and protective behaviours for a wide range of organisations. If you need it, we can make it happen.

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Please contact us if you are interested in any of the services we have to offer. Creative Optimistic Visions can tailor any work to suit the needs you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any query, we are always happy to talk with you.

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