We all have the right to feel safe

all the time.

We believe everyone has the right to be given the tools to enable this. The passion of Creative Optimistic Visions is to positively influence the life choices of children, young people and adults who are at risk (or not) of victimisation and abuse, as well as supporting families and professionals who work with them.


We provide alternative education, accredited training and wellbeing services through the lens of The Protective Behaviours Process. Creative Optimistic Visions is the leading provider for Protective Behaviours in Coventry and Warwickshire endorsed by Protective Behaviours Consortium, the national organisation for Protective Behaviours in the UK

Confident me!

Equipping individuals with a skill set to increase their self-confidence and self-worth progressing into a happier, healthier life, unlocking potential and progression opportunities. OCNWM accredited.

Protective Behaviours Training

Two days Level 2 accredited (OCNWM) Protective Behaviours Foundation Level Training. The purpose of the course is twofold, to introduce participants to the process of Protective Behaviours and to demonstrate how Protective Behaviours can be used to enhance working practice and life beyond the workplace.

Urban Arts

Using musical influences to inspire individuals learning, providing a creative outlet through lyrical writing and production of music creating a platform to be heard. OCNWM accredited.


We provide small group and one to one protective behaviours mentoring. The aim of this service is to provide support for those who may be facing difficulties, by providing them with a protective behaviours mentor.

Gingerbread project

The aim of The Gingerbread project is to deliver a unique and extensive Protective Behaviour programme for pupils between 4-11 years in a Primary School setting. Using a wrap-around approach and keeping the pupil’s needs central, the main themes and strategies of the Protective Behaviours process will provide essential safeguarding practice for children, school staff and parents/carers.

Feeling Safe
Knowing me, knowing you

Working in partnership with KairosWWT, we work with individuals at risk or currently being sexually exploited. This service educates and raises awareness of (Child) Sexual Exploitation (CSE), based on the evidence provided from our local research (2014), focusing on women that were victims and survivors of sexual violence.


All learners attending our Confident Me! project have increased their levels of confidence and self worth up to 30%.

Latest News

Protective Behaviours Training Christmas Sale

Our gift to you is a gift to us in return!

Buying social from a social enterprise such as ourselves, will support the ongoing Free Universal Youth Provision we provide to vulnerable and at risk young people within Coventry. We currently don't get grant funding to support our provision, therefore we are discounting our training service in this season of giving, and in return you give back to our beneficiaries.

To find out more about the training content please go to our Protective Behaviours Training Page. If you book by the 18th December you will receive 30% off for our January 2020 courses.


COV YOUTH - Two Sides

Our video for Two Sides is here!

Two Sides is supported by The Arts Council, Small Green Shoots, local and regional artists who have worked endlesly supporting our young people from COV YOUTH to create a platform, where their voices are heard in relation to youth related violence, conflict and truth. This event is two fold, in celebration of National Poetry Day 2019, we have encouraged COV YOUTH to take part in a number of poetry and lyrical workshops with our leading artists to support how to articulate their truth, what conflict our young people experience in Coventry, and how we can adopt shared meaning with young people and decision makers.

Watch here

News and Events

How social investment helped our business grow

Big Society Capital invited COV to share our story of how choosing to risk on purpose paid off, enabling the organisation to grow, increasing our delivery space, team and reaching out to more people within our community.

We invite you to read more about our social investment journey and how it has helped the business grow.

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"The real issues were brought home to them through your work especially when you shared personal experiences in this field. I was impressed with the dynamic delivery and careful preparation of the session. The experience was really good for me as a tutor as your expertise was matched by you excellent co-working with me. "

- Dr Lin Armstrong, Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University,


We are proud to be associated with all of our clients. Below is a snap shot of some of the organisations we work with.

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