How to Lead with Empathy

How to Lead with Empathy


A short 2 hour training course inviting participants to engage with one another via a range of short activities and discussion pointers on understanding empathy and improving our leadership and relationships within the workplace.

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Empathy can be difficult to define and even harder to achieve. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. However, simply listening is not good enough. If you want to be a leader of the future, being an empathetic leader goes beyond listening and means inviting conversations, providing helpful responses, and finding common ground. People who lead in this way will understand their people more clearly, connect with them, and problem solve with greater effectiveness.

How this course will help you:

It will teach you how to explore ways in which you feel safe to empathise with others. To reflect on your listening skills, to lead in a more mindful way about other people's perceptions and experiences. We will explore how you can show your own vulnerability without losing control, keeping in mind everyones right to feel safe.

What the course will give you/covers:

This course will introduce you to strategies based on the Protective Behaviours process to improve your leadership skills. It will explore the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enabling a safe way to problem solve and achieve greater empathy with your teams and colleagues.

Who is it for:

Managers, Team leaders, Supervisors and Business Leaders, Professional Practitioners, Future Leaders or anyone wishing to communicate effectively within the workplace.

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22nd September 2023, 20th October 2023, 15th December 2023


1pm – 3pm

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