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The vision of Urban Arts is to give young people the tools to enable them to make positive life choices throughout their life journey. The Urban Arts project does this by delivering a message of personal development through lyricism – poetry through music whilst introducing young people to the arts.

COV Urban Arts Presents Fire in the Youth

Inspired by The Rap Game UK – COV worked with 8 up and coming Coventry artists aged 16-24years taking part in a short, competitive programme, providing an opportunity to take over the scene and gain access to studio time, video production and their very own live performances at The HMV Empire  and Godiva Festival 2023!

Artists were invited to put their talents to the test by taking part in a range of tasks, testing their musical ability to adapt, inspire, be seen and heard. 

 G3NNA was crowned our 2022 Fire in the Youth champ, where he has gone on to release two singles Trident & Misfits in the Summer of 2022. 


This years live final will be hosted at HMV Empire Coventry on 4th November 12-4pm.

Special Guests include BBC Rap Game UK WINNER   Big Jest




What we do – for schools and community groups

As part of the project, young people will have the opportunity to achieve a Level 1 qualification in Personal Development. The creative outlet will be the experience of lyricism, beat making, studio time as well as broadening their talents and experiences within their chosen art form.

Young people will be able to list their own skills and knowledge and will know how lifestyle impacts on learning development. They will be able to plan for and achieve short-term personal development goals. They will know own needs and wishes in different contexts, understand assertiveness skills and be able to interact with others.

Using the individuals personal musical and art influences, the project will encourage critical thinking through the exploration of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, thus encouraging them to build self-confidence. This includes the sharing of knowledge and outlining what the rights and responsibilities are for individuals and others in their lives.

Want to learn more? From Protective Behaviours Training to Mentor Support, Safeguarding Training to Urban Arts, we’re dedicated to providing the best.

Key Course Takeaways

Achieve a Level 1 award in Personal Development,Lyrical Composition, and Understanding Motivation.

Work with local artists to develop and showcase your own material, including learning instruments, visual arts, event planning and more

Studio time



we have a 100% pass rate on this course

Listen here!

Below is a snapshot of some of the music our groups have written and performed as part of their Urban Arts experience.

We’re very proud of our young people, who have really made the most of the programme, creating a platform where they can tell their stories, be heard, and help inspire other.

We’re proud of the work we do within our communities.

If you want to find out more, speak to our team and see how we can support you.

Keep it Real

ZeZe & Cazzy – Week 2 – Duet challenge, this song was part of the groups task to create a club banger. This song was written and performed within two hours! They went onto create their very own music video.


This track was written and performed by our Fire in the Youth Winner G3NNA! A young artist determined to break through the music scene. Here is his video Misfits, recorded as part of the Fire in the Youth project.

The Hurt You Left

This song was performed by Sophie Taylor, our Fire in the Youth Finalist. Soph, wrote and performed this song as part of her Fire in the Youth journey. “A song about a broken home. I hope this can help to support those dealing with these situations.”

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