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Our founding Director provides powerful, inspiring key note talks to inspire and influence positive change within professional practice, youth and community settings. 

What we do

We provide keynote talks and interactive engagement as a blended approach. Our aim is to inspire and influence positive change within organisations, individuals and community groups. This is achieved by bringing in our lived experiences of child exploitation, professional practice of working with vulnerable children and families as well as creating our social enterprise.  

Stacey-Jade is often invited to speak at events to share her personal story of child exploitation, the value of protective behaviours and why the concept of feeling safe is so important and sometimes overlooked within our working practice and everyday lives. Other topics include the journey of becoming a social entrepreneur, building a social enterprise, social impact and investment.


Strategies tailored to you

Our content is bespoke to your needs, and tailored to reflect the desired outcomes of your organisation, event or project.

Our aim is to inspire, educate and influence change by delivering grounded, real, keynote talks followed by interactive sessions if desired.

Please feel free to talk with us about your ideas.



 “As a trauma survivor bullied since my first day of school till the last, still getting over my lifetime trauma. She addressed the huge question I have about feeling safe, allowing me to let go of my anxiety at long last. This is the first and only time talking about the real reason for PTSD. Thank you so much to everyone who brought this too me. I’ve asked this question over and over and at last an answer. What an incredibly brave young woman.”

“Perfect. Thank you for this! I am teaching 5 year olds protective behaviours. Amazingly, I am learning as much as they are.”

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Please contact us if you are interested in any of the services we have to offer. Creative Optimistic Visions can tailor any work to suit the needs you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any query, we are always happy to talk with you.

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