Confident Me!

Confident Me! Enables individuals to use the strategies of Protective Behaviours to build their confidence and self-esteem. Creating a strong foundation to build future prospects and fulfill one’s potential, increasing opportunities in their everyday life including education and or employment, as well as growing in confidence to manage and excel to benefit themselves and their families.


What we do

Individuals attending this course will have the opportunity to complete a Level 1 Open College Network West Midlands qualification in Employability Skills, covering the units of Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness and Improving Own Confidence. This course can be delivered from 6 to 12 weeks dependant on the needs of the individual and/or reffering agency.

We have a 100% pass rate on this course, including individuals confidence and self-worth increasing from 8 – 30%.



Introduction to the project and group, creating a safe learning environment, discussing creative outlets and qualification material.

What is confidence?

Identifying and understanding what confidence is, and how this relates to individuals, peer groups and society.

We all have the right to feel safe

Using Protective Behaviours principles and strategies to understand we all have a right to feel safe all the time.

Communicating Effectively

Unpicking strategies of how to communicate effectively, introducing and practicing the language of safety, to enable effective communication.

Planning for now and the future

Building towards the future, using the strategies learnt throughout the course to plan and build a foundation to a better future.


Celebrate! This course is a personal journey of change, this is the time to celebrate all that learners have achieved.


Prices are tailored to service delivery, partners and the needs of individuals attending the course. Our average price is based on 8 learners attending a 12 week course, including mentoring sessions and refreshments.


average price per learner

(Prices may vary)

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Previous successes of Confident Me!

Confident Me! Has successfully been delivered at HMP Drake Hall, Valley House and Coffee Tots to name a few, demonstrating the flexibility and universal nature to our delivery and content. Here is some individual feedback from those attending the course.”

“I genuinely feel that I have learnt so much that will improve my life in a positive way. I am already dealing with situations in a different way with better outcomes. Thank you ☺”

“Its been a pleasure meeting you, you really have given me the desire to life again and believe in myself. Thank you so very much.”

“Thank you so much for helping me find myself.”