Urban Arts

The vision of Urban Arts is to give young people the tools to enable them to make positive life choices throughout their life journeys. The Urban Arts project does this by delivering a message of personal safety through lyricism – poetry through music.

What we do

As part of the project, learners will have the opportunity to achieve an Entry Level 3 qualification.Learners will also qualify at the introductory level of the Protective Behaviours Process. However, the creative outlet will be the experience of creating a lyrical piece of music within a recording studio.

Using the learners personal music influences, the project will encourage critical thinking through the exploration of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, thus encouraging them to build self-confidence.
This includes the sharing of knowledge and outlining what the rights and responsibilities are for individuals and others in their lives.



Introduction to the course content and group, identifying learning styles, musical preferences and creative interests.


Break it down

Identifying the similarities between spoken word, lyrics, poems and text book. Learners breakdown lyrical content they choose to listen to and gage a further understanding.


Understanding Self and Others

Identifying our values and attributes and how this compliments our skill set and the way we interact with others.


MC workshop

Spending time with one of our mentors who is respected for his talent, supporting and educating our learners to create their own material.



Full day in recording studio, learners get the full studio experience with a copy of their own material to keep.



Learners will have their workbooks finished and marked, at this point we celebrate our learners journey and all they have achieved along the way.


Price is based on ten weeks of delivery, refreshments, learning materials, and studio time.

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Listen here

Below is a snap shot of some of the music our groups have written and performed as part of their Urban Arts experience. It is clear to see that our young people made the most of their experience to create a platform where they can tell their stories, be heard and help to inspire and connect with others.

MY LIFE - This song was written and performed by our young people that have recently completed our Urban Arts Project. Our courageous group wanted to share with you an insight to their lives hoping to reach out and relate to other young people that have shared meaning with their lyrics.

View project

RED - This song was written and performed by one of our previous students who decided to use this opportunity to speak out for other young people that may have experienced living in foster care. We are immensely proud of all our students, this song really demonstrates the talented individuals we work with.

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STEPPING STONE - This song was performed by a group of young women all experiencing difficulties within their lives at the time of attending Urban Arts. Stepping stone is a beautiful piece exploring relationships, resilience and progression.

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