A Special Thank You Message

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We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who supported our Christmas community event – Winter Wonderland. This event would not have been possible without the support from local people and businesses coming together to create a magical Christmas experience as well as supporting the sustainability of our youth services.

We have had so much support from volunteers building the Winter Wonderland, our grotto and elf workshop. Volunteers have provided their time to make Christmas gifts, and support the delivery of the event over three busy December weekends.

People have donated money for materials, physical materials, presents, raffle prizes, tombola prizes and refreshments. This event really has demonstrated the true meaning of Christmas, a time for giving, a time for love and support.

We have a lot of people to thank, so please do have a look below to see all the people and businesses who have supported our Winter Wonderland.

To all our young people from COV YOUTH who supported the creation of Winter Wonderland and sacrificing their youth space the closer we got to Christmas!

Jess Knight – supported with the creation of Winter Wonderland and making Christmas gifts

Bethany-Jean Mason – supported the creation of Winter Wonderland, delivery of event and donations of prizes and presents

Jessica Grace – supported the creation of Winter Wonderland

Elaine Grant – supported the creation of Winter Wonderland, delivery of event and donations of prizes and presents

Michelle Mason – supported with decorations, delivery of event, and donations prizes and presents

Anna Marie from Canley Community Centre – supported donations of decorations

Aptitude Youth – supported with £150 of resources

Christine Walton – supported with donation of presents

Collette Kalsi from NSPCC – supported donation of decorations, arts and crafts

Jenie Jenkins – Supported the donation of baked goods

Maria Cave – supported with making Christmas gifts

Marianne White – supported with making arts and crafts

Ellie Smith – supported the delivery of Winter Wonderland

Benjamin Suckling – supported donation of presents

Adele Campbell – supported donation of cakes

Anne Stanton – supported with collection of prizes and presents

Diane Phimister – supported with donations of selection boxes

Mr & Mrs Fudge – supported donation of cakes, delivery of the event, collection of donations from workplace

Walkers – supported with donation of £300

Dave Smith – supported with donation of £40 Tesco vouchers

Natalie Mayers – supported with family donations

Chris Hughes and Alvin Suckling – supported donation of refreshments, gift wrap and presents

Honor Mason – supported creation of winter wonderland, delivery of the event

Mariama Njie – supported with gifts and delivery of the event

Experience Days – donation of £50 voucher – https://www.experiencedays.co.uk/charity-scheme

FIT 365 – donation of 5 FREE classes – https://www.fit365.uk

Beauty by BM – donation of £50 voucher

Millionaire Bakes – donation of Millionaire Tray Bake

Greggs – £30 voucher

Mason Lynch – supported with donation of prizes and presents

Wilson James – supported with 2 x childrens bikes, 2 fridges & 2 dishwashers

Red Kangaroo – bounce pass

CCFC – x2 match day tickets

Waterstones – donations of books

The Entertainer – £15 gift card

Poundland – 2 x £10 vouchers

Hatton Farm – 1 x family voucher

Dr Jane Osmond – supported with £250 worth of decorations

Mr Daniel Lynch – supported with resources for Winter Wonderland

Emma Alderton – supported with presents and resources

A huge thank you to Karen Smith, Abbie Fudge & Stacey Mason for working very hard on bringing this all together, donating their time, resources and everything into making this happen.

Last but not certainly least, to the main man – Santa – for providing a wonderful magical experience for all who came to Winter Wonderland.

COV would like to wish you all a very special Christmas and all the best for 2022!

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