Its all about Value

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A big lesson I learnt from my great mentor, who I miss dearly is…”its all about value.” I could tell you all day long why I do what I do and the audio clip below will explain all when I spoke with Vic Minett from The BBC last week. Its about WHY, then How followed with the WHAT!

I can honestly say I have turned a negative in to a positive, I’m not saying that what happened to me still doesn’t hurt or creep up every now and again, but I am standing up for every man, woman and child. We all have a right to feel safe, and I feel unsafe doing the work I do, I feel unsafe posting this post…. but I am choosing to risk on purpose because the value of my work, and my message is too valuable to others and myself for me not to do so…. I am a wounded healer…


How: Collaboration with Coventry University, organisations, schools and community groups that have an interest in benefiting the lives of the people they work with, or their own for that matter. Developing and delivering a range of projects suitable for all ages incorporating the Protective Behaviours Process.

What: We have three programmes so far, Urban Arts ( working with young people, educating them of Protective behaviours through the art of lyricism), Gingerbread (primary school) and Knowing Me & Knowing You (programme focused on the prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation).

We tailor our projects for the needs of the people we work with. We also deliver our projects one to one as well as offer one to one mentoring and Protective Behaviours Foundation Level training for professionals that work with people.

Here is a short video that shows myself expelling to Giles from Enterprise Mastery of what services are available from Creative Optimistic Visions. You know when you have a moment and you walk away and think….. Oh! I forgot to say that!! Well I had a lot of those moments after doing this video.

Urban Arts leaflet

kmny front page

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