Meet our MC on The Urban Arts Project

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Intro to me

Hi my names nia and I’m originally from Brum
I’ve lived for cov for ten years
Went to uni …..
Linked up with stretch and nay to form snn
We bin on various radio stations, played at carnivals and Godiva festival
Supported Kano, p money, ghettos, trilla, devlin
Been in the local paper
Made two CDs
Currently making an EP…

I do this because I feel this is who I am, I try and represent people from the community where I’m from and for people around my age group and feel safe do this within my community.
I do this for money at the same time mainly because of the love for the music I have and also the respect in gain from it.

I do this on radio shows, raves and festivals but prefer underground raves as you get true feedback.

….Artist like sox, skepta tinie tempa dizzie rascal, k Koke all came from the underground The toughest crowds


You can take this work ethic and apply it to ur your own jobs or jobs you are after e.g. Working from the bottom getting to know ur trade and working up to boss like levels …. E.g cleaner to having your own cleaning company as you know what the trade is about e.e.g skepta clashing someone then going on from there.

Im joining the Urban Arts Project to work with C.O.V to spread the importance of feeling safe through the art of lyricism. I will be working on the lyricism element of the project teaching people how to write and spit bars.

You can check what I’m up to on

Check out my latest work ft Spike

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