Steeping Stones – A true account of survival

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The design of the CD label to represent their journey.

The design of the CD label to represent their journey.

I was fortunate to be invited by Valley House to deliver our Urban Arts Project throughout the Summer of 2015. This Project educates young people about The Protective Behaviours process, a practical down to earth strategy around feeling safe, as well as the opportunity to achieve an Open College Network qualification and also to write and record their own music.

I wanted to share this story with you, to express how proud I am of the four women that attended this group, as they took a risk on purpose to work with myself, and it was difficult for them to take on the knowledge Protective Behaviours as they found it quite difficult to think of what feeling safe actually feels like due to their own journey so far in their lifetime. However, they persisted, and were honest with their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. They didn’t just achieve a qualification, they grew within themselves, which took a lot of courage.

I would like to share with you their honest account of their life journey, and how they have grown with hard work and commitment for themselves and their children to live a happier safer life, and to gain the confidence that they can achieve anything they wish, if they access the support and knowledge required to achieve their aims in life.

Well done girls, I wish you all the very best in life…

Please click on the link to listen to Stepping Stones

Valley House “At first I did not know what to expect as I referred some challenging young people to attend your programme and not knowing how these young people would interact and communicate with you and within a group environment. But the very first day they met you they absolutely took to you and I could just feel that they was very comfortable within that group atmosphere created by you to share their anger, inner thoughts and frustrations and joys about their everyday life. After speaking to the young people who attended they found their experience to be a positive, enjoyable and rewarding which is a big testament to you as these young people were really hard to engage, but by the end of the course there were all very good friends.

I found the course content very current, and relevant for all young people as it covers topics/issues which some organisations feels nervous to tackle. I felt the delivery style was good as you empowered the young people to gain the confidence to eventually lead the sessions themselves.

What a fantastic programme and I would recommend this programme to every young person and to all services.”

Gary Brown, Valley House Youth and Community Worker

Thank you for reading…

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