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Raising awareness of Protective Behaviours at The Education Show.

From Thursday 17th – Sat 19th March, Creative Optimistic Visions and the national organisation of Protective Behaviours in the UK – Protective Behaviours Consortium exhibited at The Education Show. It was a new experience for both organisations, and as a non for profit organisation it was definitely us choosing to risk on purpose to raise awareness of Protective Behaviours in order for us to achieve our mission.

Revolutionising Safeguarding child first. Every child and young person is entitled to know they have a right to feel safe all the time. Children and young people need to know how to keep themselves feeling safe using Protective Behaviours, to protect themselves from grooming, abuse and victimisation.

Our Safer@School Strategy enables schools and colleges to demonstrate to Ofsted a commitment to improving the well-being and safety of children and young people, and to promoting understanding, tolerance and respect. Integral to PSHE /citizenship, it is also a practical approach for colleges in implementing their responsibilities under the Prevent strategy.

Over the three days we engaged with approximately 300 people, all of which we had fantastic conversations with about their issues within work or at home, and how we can offer support to keep themselves feeling safe as well as the children and young people in their lives.

It was C.O.V official 2nd birthday on the 17th March, never did I think that such a small project idea turn into a growing social enterprise that inspires, supports and educates all people about Protective Behaviours. Supporting people to build and create brighter, safer futures. That my friend, you can’t put a price on!

Thank you to all of those that have loved and supported me throughout this mission, I couldn’t of done it without my beloved support network.

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