Success of our Urban Arts Project

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In October last year, we were fortunate to receive funding from the Awards for All element of National Lottery funding. We pledged, that as part of our funding we would deliver, two Urban Arts projects in some of the most deprived areas in Coventry City.

The vision of C.O.V. Urban Arts is to give young people the tools to enable them to make positive life choices throughout their life journeys.The Urban Arts project does this by delivering a message of personal safety through lyricism – poetry through music.


Using the learners personal music influences, the project will encourage critical thinking through the exploration of their thought, feelings and behaviours, thus encouraging them to build self-confidence.

This includes the sharing of knowledge and outlining what the rights and responsibilities are for individuals and others in their lives. As a result, the learner will become empowered in making safe and positive life choices, and will also have the knowledge to locate and use appropriate further knowledge during their life journeys.

I am please to say that we have already completed one project and have recently started our next project, however I am bursting with excitement to share the news… So apologies as no doubt I will be rewriting a similar post in the near future once completing our second project.

Never in  a million years did I think that C.O.V would become what it has to date (even thought we are still premature) The Urban Arts project was a small idea that has grew in to an OCN (Open College Network) PBC (Protective Behaviours Consortium) endorsed programme. I wanted to share a few pics and a fun video of our time at Born in a Barn Studios, to illustrate all the hard work the young people had put not this project.

As a result, they have designed, written and record their own cd, gained a knowledge of The Protective Behaviours Process and achieved an OCN qualification in Understanding the Diversities in Society.


For further information about booking an Urban Arts Project, or to simply find out more about our service please look at our services page.

Professional material produced by some hardworking inspirational individuals.

Professional material produced by some hardworking inspirational individuals.


Excited for our road trip!!


I don't think anyone is too old to dress up! So much fun.

I don’t think anyone is too old to dress up! So much fun.

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